About Me

I am a Linux Engineer, Database Administrator and Software Developer with 15+ years of experience. I have a huge background with Windows and Enterprise environment as well. However, I really love Linux, Open Source software and all related stuff! I am not a fanatic and have a great understanding of where and why should someone use Windows or Linux, and choose between proprietary software or Open Source analog. Each side has pros and cons, and many of them are good known to me :)

At the moment I am looking for a new project to dedicate to it my free time, get new skills and share my experience.

Contact Details

Vitalii Druzhinin
M: +64 29 127 2770
Email: me@vital.sh

Recent Work

Revera Limited. Auckland, New Zealand.

SQL Developer September 2018 - Present

I am responsible to providing operational, development and integration expertise of MS-SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL and related systems for use in Cloud Services platforms, supporting the provision of IT and business services to Revera clients that meet agreed service levels. I am involved in the development of robust, reusable, extensible, and user-friendly systems software to meet business and user requirements, as well as automation and orchestration.

Kiwi-Coin Limited. Auckland, New Zealand.

Support Engineer/ Compliance Officer March 2016 - September 2018

My everyday duties were supporting deployment scripts and provide periodic updates according to new requirements. I helped with periodic adjustments of the operating system, network and VPN connections between servers. Sometimes I helped with the support of customers and process live chats and tickets.

Solar Communications GmbH. Zurich, Switzerland

Support Engineer/ System Engineer March 2013 - September 2018

Processing customer tickets and live chats, managing new orders for dedicated servers (operating system installation, network configuration), performing primary troubleshooting of hardware or network issues, escalating issues (if required) to another support levels (network team, security team, billing team)

Maintaining 15+ servers that support internal services – file server, wiki, database cluster (PostgreSQL), monitoring systems (Zabbix, ArpSpoof), DNS and NTP servers. Installation and configuration various software, developing different add-ons, installing security and software updates.

Updating the system OnApp Cloud Management Platform, managing Xen hypervisors, setup new hypervisors and maintaining the system on a regular basis.

To find out more just look at my CV


System administration – the expert in installing, supporting, and maintaining servers and other computer systems, responding to service outages. Experienced in fault-tolerant and distributed systems, virtualized environments.

Network administration – experienced in networking protocols, dynamic routing, firewalls, DDoS-protection and mitigation, heterogeneous environment, directory services (LDAP, Active Directory), VPN (OpenVPN), monitoring systems (Zabbix).

Database administration – experienced in installation, configuration and maintenance different SQL servers (MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL), configuring database replication and backups.

Script Development – proficient in developing various system tools and utilities. Proficient in different scripting languages (Bash/Perl/Python/sed/awk). Possess strong knowledge of scripting and programming, software/project development life cycles (SDLC) for systems-related projects. Skilled at developing system software (MIME, milter, network sockets) and Web-applications (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, RESTfull, Mojolicious), database software (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, BerkeleyDB).

SQL development – experienced at developing stored procedures (T-SQL), SSIS packages and SSRS reports (MS-SQL).

IT-Infrastructure – proficient in designing and implementing fault-tolerant IT-infrastructure from scratch through a distributed network and structure (multi-branch).

Server migration – confident in migrating existing servers and services into a virtualized environment using various virtualization platforms (KVM, VMware, VirtualBox, OpenVZ, Hyper-V)

Knowledge Bases – expert in creating and managing knowledge Bases (wiki-based) (Twiki, Fosswiki, Docuwiki, TFS)

System Configuration – proficient in configuring various network services (DNS, DHCP, SMTP, IMAP, Samba, FTP, NFS, LDAP, VPN, iptables). Experienced in creating deployment scripts and in using specialized configuration management tools (Ansible).


Edenz Colleges. Auckland, New Zealand

Diploma Level 7 in Software Development June 2018

Key subjects:

  • Desktop Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud and Web Application Development
  • Application Development Project
Capstone project: Scalable, distributed and fault-tolerant platform to run Web-applications (Programming language: Erlang. Database: Mnesia)

State Technical University. Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia

Diploma in Programming Engineering, Computer and Automated Systems Software 1995

Key subjects:

  • Program design and programming languages
  • Computer data structure and organisation
  • Computer architecture
  • Numeric methods
  • System software
  • Application of optimization methods in research
  • Databases, knowledge bases and Expert systems
  • CAD software
  • Industrial enginering, planning and business management
  • Computer network and distributed systems