Pinger Simple network monitoring tool
AnonDNS Free and anonymous dynamic DNS server
flex-fw Simple and lightweight frontend for 'iptables'
easyLib Easy application library for Perl
emlSender Multi-threaded Perl application for sending bulk mail
emlOptimizer Perl filter to optimize mail messages (replace attached images and files to links)
deDuplicator Perl application to find duplicated files on a file system and replace them by symlinks
easyShaper Bash script to manage Linux traffic shaper
ifbShaper Another script to manage Linux traffic shaper
mkConfig Perl daemon to update some configuration files (Apache, Nginx, PowerDNS) by data stored in external database
vpnManger Perl application to manage a distributed cluster of OpenVPN/PPTP servers
SMLS Smart Mail List System - specialized mail list control software


Vitaly Druzhinin